Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20th

Skinny? TINY? (also, it's more challenging now)

Lately, some very kind folks have described me as 'skinny,' and even 'tiny.' To be fair, the person who used the term 'tiny' may have had a couple of margaritas. Now, I certainly appreciate the kindness, BUT, those terms do not apply to me quite fairly at 6' (okay okay okay 5' 11") and 197 pounds. Since dropping 30 pounds, I have been wondering at what point I really would be skinny, and how much more weight do I really need to lose? Should I go for an even 50? Would I look good at 177 or would I look like Skeletor? If I looked like Skeletor would I like that? Actually I just did a google image search for Skeletor and it turns out he's not skinny, he's uber buff - weird for a skeleton. Okay, so, at 177 would I be gaunt? Is it even possible? Am I rambling? Oh hell to the yes I am. I suppose the most reasonable thing to do would be to keep eating this way and exercising and just see what happens.

For years now I've bought XL and XXL shirts. Many years ago I went through a phase where I bought all my shirts at one of those 'big and tall' men's stores, and picked everything in at least a 4X, if not a 5X or even 6X. Was I weighing in at 300+? Nope, I was about 235. Clearly, I have body image issues. In the past decade I've at times been at a size where a L would have been okay. This week I bought a MEDIUM t-shirt. It's a stretch for me - no, I don't mean I'm stretching it out, I mean it's a stretch for me to wear a shirt that touches me all the way around, at least lightly, instead of flapping like a sail.

I'm going on 3 months now of not eating meat and dairy. A few weeks in, I grilled 30 cheeseburgers for the local middle school soccer team, which was an engagement I agreed to prior to my big dietary makeover. The experience was not pleasant, the burgers looked yucky, and I had no temptation to eat them. A couple weeks ago I had the second of such engagements, and this time the burgers looked intoxicating. The aroma and texture of the worthless white bread hamburger buns, the sizzle of the cow flesh, the rich look of the thick slices of cheddar cheese....breathtaking. No, I didn't partake, not even a nibble? Know why? Because I realized I didn't want one, I wanted THREE, at LEAST. That's a problem. Moderation and me are not exactly on close terms when it comes to junky food. Then a couple days ago I went to a potluck with my coworkers and I had fried chicken, huge deli sandwiches, and large hunks of BBQ sausage - meaning, I had those things available to me, didn't eat any of it though. It was hard! I felt like an alcoholic at an open bar. Happily, I had brought lentil chili and someone else brought some unadulterated fruit.

My wife and I have been discussing how we are getting a little bored with how we're eating. What we'll need to do is read more recipes, and learn more skills. For me, the temptation to go back to meat and dairy kinda dies away every time I consider how that might take me back to the land of 230 pounds.

Since the middle of last week when the Engine 2 Diet site was kind enough to publish a guest blog that I wrote, LOTS more people have read my humble little blog here, and I've had so many wonderful comments! Thank you all so much! Feel free to keep the suggestions coming for other animal free food ideas coming!


  1. inspiring us here in Maine- keep writing!!

  2. Bored? Maybe you've been rotating the same recipes too much? I'm still waiting for a copy of Engine 2 to come available at the library. It didn't have a bunch of suggestions in the back?

    For myself, I love pad thai over a salad. My favorite thing to do is go to a ethnic restaurant, pick out something relatively healthful, and get inspired. Found Thai food and love it absolutely, it's 2-4 nights a week that I eat it. Not bored! Also, fat free vegan blog, happyherbivore blog, neither cook with oils. You might look into them and peruse until something strikes your eye. Good job on the medium t shirt! And keep in mind that having a heart attack cam be an exciting way to stop the boredom; but I don't think you'll like it!

  3. Recipe idea - I made this ratatouille with very little olive oil and it turned out awesome. The whole family loved it over toasted whole grain bread with a salad. The recipe's a good read even if you don't plan to make it!

  4. You look great! I hear you on the bad food beckoning part. Me an my husband just fell off the wagon for about 5 days. We ordered out 4 nights in a row after the 4 kids went to sleep. Definitely eating for emotional reasons and using food to relax. I am back to being grossed out again and made a big batch of Mexican Slaw from Healthy Girl's Kitchen, it's spicy and crunchy and satifying!

    I keep telling myself when I get a craving to just spend money to eat out at Whole Foods (the beans, grains and greens bar) as much as I want to get over the hump. Or indulge in expensive kale chips to end that "buy a yummy treat" feeling. There is healthy "junk" food I think!

    I am back to being excited about plant strong food and just thought of spaghetti squash this morning, I will be eating one of those soon.

    Good Luck Marck, You've come a long way!

    Oh PS, a new inspiring book or movie can be helpful! I like Dr Furhman.

  5. The Happy Herbiovore and The Everyday Happy Herbivore are both excellent cookbooks.

    This comment will look like it's from my daughter because I am on her computer! :)