Friday, April 20, 2012

I gave up dairy and meat, not art and taste.

April 20th, 2012

In case I haven't been clear, let me say loud and clear that eating without consuming meat, dairy, or oil DOES NOT mean sacrificing taste. If it did, I don't think I could do it, but IT DOESN'T. See the plate of food pictured here? Let me tell you about it, layer by gorgeous layer starting from the bottom;

1. chips made from baking organic corn tortillas, interspersed with slices of avocado.
2. a big spoonful of mixed legumes - adzuki, lentils, and mung beans.
3. a slow cooker mix of quinoa, black beans, tomatoes, and other vegetables.
4. garnish of diced purple cabbage, tomatoes, jalapenos.
5. dusting of nutrional yeast.

It was more than lunch, it was a food induced euphoria of taste sensations. I know that some of the ingredients I mentioned sounded unfamiliar, and there are some philistines reading this thinking it would be good IF there was a bacon weave draped over the whole thing, and I imagine some of you are thinking 'YUCK.' If I had been served this the first day I changed my diet, I would have enjoyed it. Now after a month and a half of not eating animal products, my taste buds are clean and tidy so that I can eat this and LOVE it. From a standpoint of taste alone, this way of eating is worth the switch. Oh, then throw in the fact that you reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes to a teeny level, I believe the choice is clear.

Have I mentioned I've lost 21 pounds so far? No, I don't spend endless hours at the gym. I walk my dog, and sometimes make it to the gym.


  1. Funny that you mention taste buds--I had a taste bud experience today! I've been plant-strong for two weeks now, when after a long and stressful day at the hospital with one of my children, I caved and had a bite of hot dog. Just one bite, though, because that bite was NASTY. My taste buds cheered for about two seconds, and then the after taste of GREASE hit. Ugh. Never again!

  2. Do you have the full on recipe for that picture? :)

    My boyfriend and I decided to cut meat, dairy, and oil from our diets about 6 weeks ago. We had a slow start, trying to finish off all the dairy products we had but we've been pretty much no meat/dairy/oil since about 3 weeks ago. He's lost 27 pounds (and works out) and I've lost 25 (I don't get much exercise if any at all, beyond a few stretches and a walk to/through the store once a week) but I feel a lot better!

    My taste buds are definitely different. Anything that has sugar in it is so much sweeter to me now. I see people on other blogs asking about what to do for sweetening their cereals and such but honestly, I can't understand why fruit isn't enough! I added raisins to a bowl of brown rice, almond milk (plain, unsweetened), and cinnamon and felt like someone dumped some sugar in there! Now I know that a little goes a long way!

    I've had so many meals lately that are generally pretty simple (from the Everyday Happy Herbivore cook book) and yet so incredibly delicious. Almost never use salt anymore either, it's great :D