Wednesday, March 21, 2012

to carb or not to carb

March 21st, 2012

Starting today, I’ll be posting a daily log of what I’m eating and what exercise I’m doing. That way, we can all see whether or not someone can lose weight by eating loads of carbs. Seems like a lot of folks are saying carbs should be skipped, but I’ve lost 7 pounds eating lots of carbs. Then again, maybe those 7 pounds were a fluke, right? So, by tracking what I eat, I’ll either 1) show that carbs are not the enemy of weight loss, or 2) have some data to review to reevaluate my diet if I don’t lose any more weight. Sound good? By the way, my daily log won’t include my count of cups of black coffee – let’s just go with ‘lots’ for every day. Some cups will be just black, others will include a little hazelnut or other syrup added, just a drop really. REALLY.

Pictured here is what I’ve started eating for breakfast. Yes, that is a MEGA bowl of cereal, and has about 23 grams of fiber. Conventional medical information says you should get about 30 grams a day, but the Engine 2 Diet says you should get 50 or more. You know what you have to do to cram that much fiber in your gullet? Yep, you gotta eat, homey!! High fiber foods make you feel more full than low fiber foods, per calorie ingested, so trust me – eating this way will NOT leave you feeling hungry or deprived.

Here is my cereal recipe;

·         ½ cup of dry oats
·         ¾ cup of Uncle Sam, Original
·         ¼ cup Ezekiel 4:9, Original
·         1/3 cup Nature’s Path Smart Bran with Psyllium & Oat bran
·         5 strawberries, cut up small
·         Unsweetened almond milk – enough to wet it down some (the cereal and fruit is way tasty, but dear      Lord there is just no way to ingest all of that if it’s bone dry)

March 21, 2012
big bowl of cereal, with strawberries and unsweetened almond milk
half almond butter sandwich on Ezekiel 4:9 bread (after the gym)
brown rice with mushrooms and jalapenos, sautéed spinach and tofu, tomato hot sauce, half an apple, one non-dairy homemade cookie
small handful of dried banana chips
lentil chili, spelt bread, salad with avocado, tomato hot sauce for dressing, non-dairy banana chocolate chip muffin for dessert

30 minutes on the ol' elliptical machine

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