Saturday, March 24, 2012

Part 1: Panic and Discontent. Part 2: A defense of ads.

March 24th, 2012

Part 1: Today my family and I participated in the Make a Wish 5K run. Though I actually did the ‘fun run,’ which was not 5K. It was 1 mile. Also, I walked it. After this strenuous exercise we walked over to the snack area and found an array of Chic-Fil-A, grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, bagels, cookies, chips, and fruit. I had a banana. Notably absent from my plate were the grilled items, and anything else really – just had the banana. I had the strangest jumble of thoughts and emotions when I looked at the burgers and dogs; on one hand I wanted it, but on the other….it sorta didn’t look like food. Then this evening, the kids went with gramma to get pizza and brought it back to the house. Again I felt the same; had a glimmer of wanting to eat it, but then it didn’t look like food. Does that make sense? The pizza honestly looked like some foreign substance. Honestly it was a very surreal experience.

Having had some time now to think about my no burger, hot dog, or pizza day, I’ve realized what was missing – panic and discontent. In the past, I often had these overwhelming feelings that I would just never get enough of those particular crappy foods. I would continue to eat, beyond the point of being full, as if I WOULD NEVER SEE ANOTHER SLICE. Did I realize this was problematic? Well, yes. Jesus and I would talk about it, and sometimes I would feel okay around pizza or whatever going uneaten by me, but often I would not. It appears that for some reason, in His timing, Jesus took the panic and weirdness away. There is no prescription that does that, that quickly, that thoroughly. All that discontent is just a ghost now, and I don’t plan to be the haunted man.

Part 2: Ads will now begin cropping up in my little ol’ blog here, via Google Ad Sense. Don’t be hatin’ y’all, my family is expecting baby number five and we already know she’s going to have major medical issues, so if I can make a couple dollars here I’m gonna.

And today’s menu and such was…

March 24, 2012
medium bowl of cereal, strawberries, pineapple, blackberry
banana, raisins
Panini with loads of veggies
half a soft pretzel at the Stars game. It was shiny. Chances are good I ate some oil, or butter substitute. If I don't lose weight this week, I'm totally going to blame it on water retention due to the 4 pounds of coarse salt on that pretzel.
Panini with loads of veggies, potato, salad
5K Make a Wish Run - though I actually did the fun run, which was not 5K. It was 1 mile. Also, I walked. Later I walked a few blocks each way from a parking lot to the AAC for the Stars game.

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